Social ad campaigns have been a strong component in my career. This requires the ability to be clever in conception, consistent across all touch-points while being conscious of the various requirements between each network, and have a thumb-stopping visual that will catch the eye of the audience in under 3 seconds.
Here are just a few of the many social ads I have created for Spredfast for over three years. The dimensions, video/gif formatting, and text size limitations that differ between Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are factors I have memorized and mastered. These are demonstrations of social ads I have created myself and then formatted with each network's individual requirements in mind.
Pinterest Ad A/B Tests promoting three individual blog posts
100 Day Countdown to build enthusiasm and social noise for facebook, instagram, and twitter
 Thanksgiving Social Campaign utilizing stats from the latest report, demonstrating social discussion around pie flavors each Fall.
GIFs formatted for social & google display ads.
Top Left: Celebrating National Coffee Day
Top Right: Stats to build social engagement and event awareness, resulting in increased attendance to the annual Summit Conference
Middle: Google Dislplay Ad used to inform and increase attendance to the annual Summit Conference
Bottom: Celebrating Equal Pay Day on Twitter, FB, and Instagram
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