With a target audience based on outdoor activity, I created three styles of seed-infused paper by hand, allowing the consumer to toss or plant upon opening the package. The convenience of this leads back to the idea that breakfast gives you the nutrients you desire without interrupting your adventures. I purchased three types of seeds from a local shop to create the paper. The flavor listed on the package represents not only the seeds or herbs in the bar itself, but what is infused in the package as well. With this, growth for the consumer and nature is accomplished while maintaining convenience.
I designed the logo first in my sketchbook, then digitally. I printed the design backwards, traced it and hand carved the stamp later used on all packaging and business collateral. An eco-friendly black ink is used. The shape of the package itself was chosen to represent that of a seed packet by using a pillow-box template. This is a full-branding project, holding me responsible for its entire marketing and design.
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