Smart Social Summit is an annual conference hosted by Spredfast, inviting top enterprise companies to come learn about the impact of their social media presence. My design team and I were tasked with branding the event in a way that feels integrated into our usual brand style, while differentiating itself from other events.
My contribution on the job was heavily in swag design (stickers, customer and staff tees, buttons, badges, and more), social media assets (5 rounds of paid/organic social posts, and social cover images across all networks). I also provided a custom gift mailer, and environmental signage.
swag design
back side of badge design
gift bottleneck
10x10 customer gift box stickers. The outside (left) and inside (right) are designed using event branding elements and vibrancy to stand out upon delivery. Inside the box is a card with imagery on the front (see left image below) and a customized message on the back (see right image below).
Also within the gift box are custom designed square cookies. These square cookies had imagery printed directly on them, so I designed them as if they were square instagram posts to reinforce the social media industry conference.
social ad mockups using our keynote speaker, Michelle Obama, to promote the event. Every promotional asset using Michelle Obama's name or image had to be sent in its exact form for approval by her management team. This took multiple rounds of revisions and planning ahead to ensure the ads would be ready to launch in time.
In order to maintain engagement and get full marketing usage out of the event, I created a one-pager highlighting quotes from our speakers during the event. The branding from the event was incorporated throughout for visual recognition back to the event. It was later updated in 2018 when the trends mentioned were no longer "Predictions," this was an update by both design and copy.
I also created landing page imagery and social promotions to drive downloads of the one-pager.
hotel pricing to be used on event website
email promoting the next Summit event in London, using selfie videos of the keynote speakers to gain attention and attendance. The videos were also formatted for social promotions.
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