One of our most visible and popular events each year, SXSW is our marketing team's time to shine. Our 2017 theme targeted our top tier customer's and prospects with the hard hitting fact that Spredfast is a step ahead of the competition and the leader in social. "Future of Social" was our visual theme foundation, resulting in a futuristic environment of neon lighting, glowing cacti, award winning activations, and plenty of swag. 
I worked specifically on environmental elements from printed signage to vinyl environmental graphics, social promotions leading up to the event, email, geofilters (and a geofilter scavenger hunt!) swag tee's and tote bags, staff tee's, and flash tats.
social cover imagery created to promote event registration and attendance, sized for all networks
location based geofilter with subtle branding to drive engagement on social and promote the use of our event hashtag
environmental branded designs to be printed on vinyl and placed along event space walls and collumns
snapchat geofilter scavenger hunt: to drive engagement on social, we gave a prize to the customer that found all three geofilter locations with our event hashtag
Carousel ad to be used on Facebook and Instagram and promote the event in our "Future of Social" style
printed signage tying social into hairstyle options given to customers at the event
social ads promoting the event on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
This event was highlighted as a best of SXSW by CNBC, Mashable, AdAge, Huffingtion Post, and others.
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